King Henry VIII’s “Six” Spouses Are Alive & Go On Broadway

King Henry VIII’s “Six” Spouses Are Alive & Go On Broadway

Divorced. Beheaded. Died. Divorced. Beheaded. Survived. Tonight, however, the Six spouses of Henry VIII are real time and alive.

It will take many years for the musical to increase as much as the known standard of Broadway—sometimes so long as ten years. However for the pop music musical “Six, ” it is often a whirlwind journey that started using its inaugural production placed on by Cambridge University pupils during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival back August 2017. 25-year-old co-creators/writers Lucy Moss and Toby Marlow had written the show in 10 times. During the Fringe, “Six” offered 10,000 seats.

That unexpected success led to four expert shows during the Arts Theatre when you look at the West End, adopted throughout 2018 with alternating touring and a quick West End run before landing its current western End residency (again during the Arts) where it is often playing for over per year and landed five Olivier honors nominations in 2019.

Then things exploded.

These day there are six variations of “Six” around the globe during the moment—in London, Australia, ny, the U.K. Trip, as well as on two various Norwegian cruise companies.