Or, once we prefer to state, the combined clitoral and orgasm that is g-spot

Or, once we prefer to state, the combined clitoral and orgasm that is g-spot

Own Your Blended Orgasm


Ah, the orgasm that is blended. Ose utilizes micro-robotics motivated by peoples motion to obtain a climax that is full-bodied of pleasure points simultaneously. Mimicking peoples touch like the little finger, mouth and lips isn’t any simple feat, but our massager does it very well making use of patent-pending technology for the ultimate in “me moments. ”

Discover your pleasure profile. With Ose, you’re in control over the amount of stimulation both for pleasure points centered on your sensitiveness and desired intensity.

Totally Totally Free Both Hands, Open Your Thoughts

We’re Honored

Here’s what individuals assert about Ose

Ose. My new friend that is best!

This is basically the most useful item I’ve ever experienced in every the several years of having sexual climaxes.

Not just did I finally have body that is full, it had been a blended orgasm that woke up my appetite for pleasure.

Each time I Ose, it is a discovery that is new has shifted my viewpoint in real self care.

Making news by being ourselves

“the buyer Electronics Show allows adult toys to win honors and stay presented regarding the show flooring the following year, per year following the meeting had been mired in debate whenever an honor had been revoked from the mostly woman-run and woman-focused masturbator business. “

“Why is CES threatened by empowered females plus the products which empower them? “